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     Lillian the Domestic Engineer

Lillian the Domestic
A Family is born.

In 1985 I was half my Mothers age.
In 2021 I will be twice the age of my first born
In 2010 I was a half a century old!
In 1989 I met my partner and we became two.
In 1991(Labor Day that year, most appropriately) at 31 we became three.  
Happily, albeit very naively I traded in my employ ability for the love of Mothering and the joys of domestic bliss!

 I am woman hear me roar! I shall push.. I mean persist in getting through whatever the future brings to my door. 

 In July 1993 we became four. 
  I would go to the depths of places NO Man would go.
 I once read that bringing home another child can be likened to your Spouse bringing home a second partner and then expecting that you will not only accept them but that you will unconditionally love them too! 
You will be expected to give up your bed and of course your  bedroom too, along with all the undivided attention that was once devoted to you!
 No hitting, biting or yelling, allowed, this is family and you will be proud.
 You will Love them and you will like it. 
 A lot to ask of a full grown person... now imagine being two.

I am woman hear me roar.. yeah, amid my sobbing on the floor. 

 In July 1994 we became five.
 361 Days from the birth of the last man alive. 
 I did start to wonder if there wasn't something in the water....

 in October 1995 we became six!

Shortly after getting the keys to our new house
 and after picking up a few groceries to leave for the boys
 at home, with my Sister who was on route to stay with them 
 while I  was whipped off to deliver our fourth Son.
 Thankfully and gratefully, 
 quickly and incredibly all of my Sons had been delivered naturally.
 In less than 24 hours I returned home
 to unpack and settle into our new house;
 babe in arms, babe at boob, babe on trike, babe on bike.
   Man alive! I was a babe barely alive.

  I had exposed myself and my vulnerabilities 
 in the delivery room of my own Liberation
 There was nothing left to hide.
 I wept. I cried. I was sleep deprived.
  I wept and cried until I realized 
   that it was too late for crying.
  I was the fountain of satisfaction
 and there was ever a baby crying.
 There would also be no more denying
 that four sons in five years
 would be life changing...

I would wander the streets of testosterone city
a Mom on a mission to the nitty gritty.
 Over bugs and stinky T's
 I have wandered for 23 years
 picking and putting things in place
 in the hopes of rendering my job obsolete.

Domestic Engineer
I have not quite yet worked myself out of a job 
but I am very aware that I am very near the end of my Career.
Two of the boys have moved away from home and the other two are moving over the summer

I like to think that I have aged gracefully
 and weathered wisely along the journey
  of my life on the road to raising family. 
  I accept that I may be a little pickled 
  but I regard this proudly as a result 
of having been blended splendidly 
and aged to perfection.

I have laughed as I have cried. 
I have learned as I have tried.
I have embraced the blessings of good fortune 
and lived through the loss of life's lessons.

 I have endured often and only with a good sense of humor.

Plans I have learned 
are made to be changed. 
I have also learned 
Only a fool 
never changes her mind!

As I believe we are the harvest of the seeds we plant,
 I so believe in the need
to sow, to savor, to harvest and to discover.
To live, to uncover.
To learn, to laugh, to register and to rediscover
at the work of being conscience of the journey. 

I worked for 20 years before choosing to forgo the benefits of an income, a pension plan and a tax return for the pleasures of watching my children grow and learn.

I had worked in and volunteered at many a position in the retail and the restaurant industry. I have worked in construction and in management positions. I have been a manufacturer and a retail business owner...
but I had never been a Mother.
It was a home run.
 When Parenthood finally happened for me,
I knew it was meant for me.
 If I was going to cook, labor and deliver, 
I was definitely going to raise the little buggers..
I was able to stay at home because my partners work income afforded it. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been a Domestic Engineer.
I know for a large sector of the worlds population this is not an option. I wish for all of our children's sake that it so could be. 
 The value of a homes work should never been under estimated.

My youngest will soon celebrate his 19th Birthday
 I look back with fond memories at the life I have lived that has resulted in the me that I have come to be.

I now gaze excitedly into my future 
with hopes and plans of fulfilling my potential

as an experienced individual.

At my life I look graciously ahead 
and with gratitude I look behind. 
The passing of time has made up my mind.
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labor round the clock at mustering the making of miracles.
In the name of Love they undertake to partake
in the free rearing of a humanity for its own sake.
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Turn it on and Suck it up.

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      Sunshine is the icing on a frozen cake.

       As I raised the blinds on another day, the frost on the window was highlighted by the back drop 
       of a rising sun which created beautiful, coral colored, floral like patterns on the window pane.

       Continued below..

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There's something about Christmas time
that makes me wish it was Christmas all the time.
 Listen. Take a look around.     
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Like an open book, a smiling face incites the opportunity for others to enter.
Domestic Engineer-SMILE

There is nothing better for the constitution
 than a smile
 that in turn becomes a great grin
that finally results in a hearty laugh...
except maybe to have a little Sun (Son) with that.
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Isn't Spring a beautiful thing. 
Although not all of us are Spring Chickens if you will....A Spring Fling continues to be a thing!

Sow it
Grow it
Mow it
Stow it
Eat it!

Indoor Spring Gardening is a great way to begin.
Get your hands dirty. Dig into Spring. 
Kids of all ages will do it and they will Like It!! 
Bring on Spring I say. Peat Pots and Seeds can now be found in Retailers all over. 


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   MOM and DAD
 The Label that rivals no other!
There is only one time this time to get it right - a lifetime! Tis when the stork drops the bundle on our doorstep that the clock starts. You do not have to check in to this job because you will never check out. Time on the clock now counts the time between the last feed and the time left to clean up the mess in their bed and no longer acts to gather the hours accumulated from one pay period to the next.
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 Lillian the Domestic Engineer
At the cost of staying home
 I remember life before the "Net" and what a lonely place parenting could be!
Amid the middle of the muddle you would find in the midst of me, a Mom a bit removed from reality babbling incessantly about the need to check in on my normalicy.

 No outside input.
Nope, you just sat quietly where you were put! LOL.
No Blogs of inspiration, no Google to behold, no Facebook friends, no Twitters told.
Identity Crisis
And now what MOM?

Lillian the Domestic
"It's the most wonderful day of the year, isn't it?"
 I called out to my neighbor who was now standing alone at the end of her driveway.
 We watched as her little ducklings made their way up the road towards the Elementary School, her youngest just entering Grade 1 this year.
  "I'm not sure she confessed," as she wandered towards me.
" I think I'm having an Identity Crisis" she continued.
 " I'm not sure what I'll do all day now." she lamented.
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   Boys are Beautiful        Kid Concoctions Animated
Lillian the Domestic Engineer

Although I jumped into parenting head first (pardon the pun) with little insight, no manual, no training and no active pay, the fruits of my labor have survived to this day.

The amazement of growth in play Blogs me today!
Look at what we've accomplished!
Look at what boys love to do! 


  March has been a full of opportunity...
 Lillian the Domestic Engineer

 I am fearfully excited at the prospects of the confines
 of a new found freedom.....paid employment!
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Lillian the Domestic Engineer      

We chose the path we take
Each day we put one foot in front of the other 

while moving forward and making choices
We chose the path we take.  

 Searching beyond the desire to fill our heart 
with things that fill our spaces.
 We choose the path we take. 



my Virtual Reality..

    discovers worth
  in Virtual value!

My Virtual Value- Domestic Engineer

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To "feed" or not to feed... in my humble opinion!
Domestic Engineer -Feed ME

In a world inundated with "Expert" opinions and personal advice it seems to be
that we seek to find solutions to our problems in the feed of someone else's page.
We search for justification of thought and for confirmation of feeling within
 the confines of a world whose reality exists only within the fantasy of our screens.
We doubt anymore that you have to be talented to be syndicated
 but still wonder if to sexualized is to vindicate?
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 Baby's Breath

 The World is a stage
The World is a Stage
Lillian the Domestic Engineer

Facing Fashion. Head on!
Getting comfortable in the skin your in.
 Putting it on.
 Observe and speculate, smile and celebrate. 
 Doubt, in any fashion doesn't flatter.
Dress it up, dress it down but always put your head on, right way round. 

The fabric of our lives is woven by the very minds,
that bring us the Threads, of the fashion in time.
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 Having it all
Follow your Heart

Ever find yourself stumbling over the piles 
of stuff all bought in the name of having happiness?

Ever complain about the cost of living or the price of gas 
while en route to Walmart to save more cash?

Ever feel like you've had enough of buying into having the stuff
that piles up on the floor in front of us?

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